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Simplify the backend of your business no matter how big or small your business is.

Simplifying your auto glass point of sale software

Get your customers what they need in a matter of seconds. Elmo Anywhere allows you to create auto-glass quotes, work orders, and invoices.

Purchase Inventory

Ordering inventory should be simple. With Glasscheck, search suppliers for specific glass, create orders, and purchase products from your suppliers all from your Elmo Anywhere software.

Get what you need promptly and keep your customers happy!

Appointments and Billing

Why juggle multiple software systems when one can do it all? Handle appointment scheduling, invoicing, and payments all with a single tool, ideal as auto glass billing software. Streamline your accounting and make sure you’re maximizing your profits.

Embrace Elmo Anywhere as your windshield repair software. It simplifies and accelerates the tasks involved in windshield repair and replacement, providing accurate and quick auto glass estimating.

Quickbooks Integration

Do you use QuickBooks to manage your business? Elmo Anywhere will seamlessly integrate with Quickbooks, too. Easily manage your accounts from one interface.


ibs software

Software for auto glass companies made by auto glass professionals

We know your business because we've owned a multi-location auto glass company in the industry since 1947.
Understanding the needs of the industry, we've developed Elmo Anywhere, a suite of auto glass software programs designed to tackle the daily challenges of auto glass businesses efficiently.

Features For Every Need

NAGS Catalog Access

Complete access to the NAGS Catalog for instant glass quotes.

Quick and Intuitive Reporting

Run the reports you need to keep your books updated and your customers in the loop.

Credit Card Processing

Take payments on the spot with trusted and secure payment processing.

VIN Decode and Lookup

Use our VIN integrations with RightGlass or GlassMatch to get the exact part you need for the job. Simply enter the VIN and choose which service you want to use.

Accurate Quotes
and Estimates

Elmo Anywhere will return quick and accurate pricing information to keep you profitable.

Access From Any Device

Anyone in your shop can get the information they need in just a few taps. Your installers can use our iOS or Android app in the field to capture signatures, attach photos to the job, create invoices, and collect payment. Email the customer a receipt right from the app.

Elmo Anywhere: Your Comprehensive Auto Glass CRM

As a comprehensive auto glass CRM, Elmo Anywhere helps manage customer interactions and build lasting relationships.

Getting ahold of support from other companies can be infuriating. Talk to a real person over chat, email, or phone within minutes (or seconds!) No wait times, no long holds, no passing you around from one person to another. Talk to someone who understands your business anytime you need us.

Who is IBS Software?

Founded in 1992, IBS Software is a Kansas City-based company serving glass businesses nationwide. We believe you should be spending time replacing windshields, repairing windows, and working with your customers. Billing, scheduling, and inventory management should be easy and quick so that you can spend more time doing the things that are important to you.

We’re dedicated to making your glass shop more efficient and profitable by removing time-consuming and frustrating tasks plaguing small businesses.

That’s why we created Elmo Anywhere Point-of-Sale software, an auto glass CRM for glass replacement professionals and auto glass businesses nationwide. Our products are designed to surpass the capabilities and functionality of other products available to our customers. These designs are fostered by applying experience gained in the glass industry through ongoing distribution and retail operations of Kryger Glass. We communicate the advantages of this design by stressing ease of use, unlimited scalability, intuitive management reporting, constant technological advancement, and, above all, unmatched service.


They have everything you need from day-to-day retail, Quickbooks integration that actually works, edi, payment processing, reports that are accurate and easy to use (they have even customized a report or two to better fit our needs), payment processing, and probably other things I have forgotten to mention

Tom Dawson
President, Auto Glass Specialists San Diego CA

We used the same glass software program for over 20 years. When they forced us to go to a new version, we researched other programs. We were ecstatic to come across Elmo Anywhere Software. We chose Elmo for specific features - Lynx Dispatches are sent electronically to us with all the pertinent data included. This cuts our billing time in half! Additional feature we can't live without is the VIN decoding capabilities to select the correct windshield.

Lastly, the staff at IBS Software is top notch! “

Cynthia Bruschi
Owner, Paragon Glass

“All I can say about "Elmo" is.... you must switch over to it. We were with Mitchell for over 10 years and just thought "that's how it was supposed to be". We called and Talked to Kyle about switching over and he was very helpful with the migration and WOW it is so much better then the others that are out there!! Also the support response time is the fastest I have ever experienced before. The support we have needed has always been user error on our behalf but they helped us all the way through it! “

Bob Dixon
Owner - Omaha Glass Pro

“We do not give referrals easily. We have been operating since 1995 and know how challenging running your own business can be so we do not refer anyone or anything we have not tried and used successfully over and over. We would highly recommend partnering up with the team at IBS software. It is a business relationship you need, enjoy, and it will absolutely boost your profit margins!“

    Contact IBS Software: Your Auto Glass Management Software Solution

    One of the most frustrating parts of dealing with other software is troubleshooting. We built Elmo Anywhere to be simple, seamless, and easy to navigate. But if you have questions, we’re here to answer them.
    Our customers are our partners. If you’re open, so are we. Talk to a glass professional when you need to. Reach out to our customer support via chat, email or phone. A real person will pick up and won’t keep you waiting on hold.

    Elmo Anywhere stands out as the ultimate auto glass business software tailored to meet the complex needs of modern auto glass companies.

    Choose Elmo Anywhere, the glass shop management software that simplifies and optimizes your business operations!