5 Reasons why you need IBS software for your auto glass POS

March 25, 2023
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Getting a new POS can be difficult, so it’s important to be careful when choosing. A POS system can make or break a customer interaction for auto glass systems since it is one of the only parts of the exchange outside of the seller’s hands!

IBS software provides one of the industry’s leading POS software: Elmo Anywhere. The benefits of a specialized POS include the following: 

  1. Hosted on the Cloud
  2. Easy credit card processing
  3. No software to install
  4. Access to the NAGS catalog 
  5. Easy insurance billing

And many other valuable features that can be included as add-ons!

The basics and the top benefits of IBS software POS are explained here. 

What Is A POS Software?

If you aren’t already aware, POS is the acronym for a Point-of-sale system, a piece of computerware located within a business to assist in customer checkout. The POS is responsible for organizing the store’s data and helping handle the money in the exchange, providing customers with their totals and receipts. 

A POS system can take various shapes, some with expensive and bulky hardware that have a lot of processing power and some with cheaper hardware, in which you can use any existing smartphone or tablet as a basis. These wide varieties of POS systems can be tailor picked for your business depending on how much processing power your business requires to how much money you would like to pay for the hardware and software of the POS. 

IBS Software

IBS Software created a specialized POS system called Elmo Anywhere to meet every need of auto glass sellers specifically. This niche software is a popular option among sellers in the corresponding business because it requires less time to be set to custom standards for every industry and often comes with industry-specific add-ons that would not be considered in a general POS system. This is why Elmo Anywhere is an industry-leading Point-of-Sale software in the auto-glass industry. The benefits of using Elmo Anywhere include the following:

Hosted on the Cloud

Elmo Anywhere is a cloud-based POS system. This means that it allows business owners to process payments through the internet. Using this type of system means a business can be highly mobile and has fewer upfront costs during setup. It is done through cloud computing, which uses remote servers to access computer system resources. 

In other systems, this is done through the local storage or hard drive, meaning the software and data for your business would be stored and accessed directly on the device instead of through the internet. This allows for easy remote access and makes it simple to keep up-to-date backups of work in the case of a power outage. 

Easy Credit Card Processing

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Elmo Anywhere is directly integrated into some of the most popular third-party payment processing platforms, like Stripe and CardConnect, to give you quick and easy access to credit card processing. The system allows for smooth customer interaction no matter the method of payment. It can be configured to accept touchless payments and physical cards, allowing for easy payments with the same auto-glass POS. 

No Software to Install

IBS’s Elmo Anywhere doesn’t require complicated appointment scheduling and installation! It can quickly be done from the store itself thanks to its simple and user-friendly web-based system. This is also very useful for mobile services, as it allows you to open a web browser on any computer or tablet and log in to the same account used in-store!

Access to the NAGS Catalog

The NAGS catalog is the National Auto Glass Specific Catalog and publishes the latest data for the entire auto glass industry every four months. It contains the automotive aftermarket glass information for all kinds of vehicles sold in Canada and the U.S., whether domestic or foreign-made. 

As one of the most comprehensive collections of auto glass knowledge, industry professionals need to keep up with it. Elmo Anywhere will automatically update the system with any newly released information, so you have one less thing to worry about!

Easy Insurance Billing

Insurance billing can be complicated, but Elmo Anywhere can make it simple! To process an invoice for a billing insurance company, just turn your completed work order into an invoice and it can be automatically sent to the correct billing network.


Elmo Anywhere also comes equipped with various possible add-ons for an extra monthly payment. These include specialty services like Glass Match Lookup or Right Glass Lookup, which both allow professionals to find the exact windshield match that fits the vehicle they are working on by using the VIN of the vehicle. This VIN lookup system is part of a specialty POS and also comes with additional filtering and searching abilities. 

The POS also includes extra systems for commercial glass installers, such as the Flat Glass Module. This add-on helps professionals create orders for commercial or residential glazing jobs, as well as letting them create and price their own custom Flat Glass Parts by the Square Foot, Lineal Inch, or per item.

For auto glass professionals interested in the Elmo Anywhere system for their shops, visit our website for a comprehensive list of available add-ons, or check out a total price breakdown of the Elmo Anywhere software for more details.