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Superior flat glass point-
of-sale software

Reliable flat glass software you can access
from any device.

Meet Elmo Anywhere: Your New Flat Glass
Software That Does it All

One Stop Glass Company Software

From ordering parts to scheduling installations to billing and beyond. Do it all from one convenient, easy-to-use software.

24 hour Support When You Need

Have a question? Call, chat, or email customer support any time of day or night. We'll actually answer the phone.

Designed to Manage Business; Big or Small

Whether you re a multi-location glass company or a small shop looking to grow, our glass software solution will help you manage the ins and outs of your business.

Simplifying your flat glass software

Introducing Elmo Anywhere: a flat glass point-of-sale software that allows you to create glass quotes, work orders, and invoices in seconds.

Appointments and Billing

Gone are the days of using multiple software systems to manage scheduling, invoicing, and payments. With our high-performing glass billing software, you can do it all. Plus, streamline your accounting to maximize your profits.

Quickbooks Integration

If you use Quickbooks to manage your business, Elmo Anywhere can integrate with it. Manage your glass billing and quotes while also managing your company expenses.

Multi Location

Elmo Anywhere is built from the ground up to support multiple locations. Elmo Anywhere grows with your business so as you expand to new locations, know Elmo Anywhere has the capability to grow with you.

Glass Company Software Designed for Your Residential and Commercial Glass Jobs

Whether you need glass quoting software for a residential or commercial glazing job, Elmo Anywhere can help with our Flat Glass Module, which allows you to create your own custom Flat Glass Parts that can be priced by Square Foot, Lineal Inch, or per item.

Features: Easy Credit Card Processing, Accurate Quoting, and Intuitive Reporting available 24/7 on any device

Credit Card Processing

Process secure payments once the job is complete. No more waiting to get to the office to send an invoice.

Accurate quotes and estimates

Trust Elmo Anywhere for glass quoting software that will provide quick and accurate pricing for your customers.

Quick and Intuitive reporting

Keep your books up to date and run the reports you need while keeping customers in the loop.

Access Elmo Anywhere from your phone, tablet, or desktop.

Elmo Anywhere is the premier flat glass software because it s reliable, easy to use, and accessible via phone, tablet, or desktop. Now installers can use our iOS or Android app in the field to capture signatures, attach photos to the job, submit invoices, collect payment and even email the customer a receipt right from the app! Other employees in your shop can also access information about pending inventory, job status, and more all with just a few taps.


Talk to a Live Person, Not a Bot, Any Time of Day or Night

It s not just our flat glass point-of-sale software that s exceptional, our customer service is too. Don t get frustrated with subpar support from other companies, with Elmo Anywhere you ll get support from a live person, no matter when you need us. Talk to a live person over chat, email, or give us a call between 8 am and 5 pm and be connected to a friendly representative in two minutes or less.

ibs software

“All I can say about "Elmo" is.... you must switch over to it. We were with Mitchell for over 10 years and just thought "that's how it was supposed to be". We called and Talked to Kyle about switching over and he was very helpful with the migration and WOW it is so much better then the others that are out there!! Also the support response time is the fastest I have ever experienced before. The support we have needed has always been user error on our behalf but they helped us all the way through it!"


Bob Dixon

Owner - Omaha Glass Pro

ibs software

“We have used Elmo from IBS since 1995, that alone should tell you something! They simply have the best product out there, convenient, easy to learn, and use personalized customer support with people who have been there for years."


Tom Dawson

President - Auto Glass Specialists San Diego CA

ibs software

“We used the same glass software program for over 20 years. When they forced us to go to a new version, we researched other programs. We were ecstatic to come across Elmo Anywhere Software. We chose Elmo for specific features - Lynx Dispatches are sent electronically to us with all the pertinent data included. This cuts our billing time in half! Additional feature we can't live without is the VIN decoding capabilities to select the correct windshield.

Lastly, the staff at IBS Software is top notch!"


Cynthia Bruschi

Owner - Paragon Glass

    For Streamlined Flat Glass Software You can Trust, Contact IBS Software

    Navigating the learning curve that comes with new software programs can be frustrating. With Elmo Anywhere, we designed a flat glass software program that’s simple, easy to use, and seamlessly integrates with the programs you need to run your retail glass shop. If you have questions, you can count on us to answer and get support from a live customer representative.

    For a glass software solution, you can depend on, the choice is clear, choose Elmo Anywhere by IBS Software, and streamline your glass business. Give us a call or chat with us online now to set up your demo or purchase our software today!

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