How to improve the payment process for your glass business

October 7, 2022
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If you’re a glass business owner, then you’ve probably been wondering how to charge your customers efficiently, while receiving timely payments as well. Sending out invoices or billing clients can get complicated, from working with a technician’s mobile device to invoice clients in their homes, automating your invoices, or implementing an easy way to receive payments from customers. 

With the uprising of technology comes the development of several different payment programs/apps, and it can get overwhelming when trying to choose the program that best fits your business model and client base. In this article, we’ll highlight the easiest-to-navigate, most versatile, and best “bang-for-your-buck” ways to receive payments and invoice clients, both in person and online. Want the best of both worlds, created by glass technicians themselves? Check out IBS Software for a seamless integration with your glass business and customers for both invoicing and payments. 

Implementing Payment Technology in Your Glass Business

Checks and cash are beginning to become outdated and are seldom used when processing payments from customers. It’s much more common to pull out your phone to collect dues. But how do you collect payments on your phone? Let’s talk about some popular, versatile apps to collect payments from your clients, all from your phone!


PayPal is an electronic commerce company that facilitates payments between individuals or parties through online means. PayPal has been praised for its security, encryption between transfers, and ease of use. Here are some pros and cons of PayPal:


  • Customers can send you money anywhere and anytime with the PayPal app, provided they have a PayPal account.
  • Requesting and receiving money is seamless with a QR code for customers to use via your glass technician’s phone
  • PayPal offers free international transfers between parties for PayPal users, with no hidden fees.
  • Users can pay directly from a credit card, bank account, or some cryptocurrencies


  • Credit cards are charged at 3.4%. 
  • Some fees apply to business accounts
  • Some banks will charge a transaction fee


Venmo was initially used to exchange funds with friends and family but has recently moved into small businesses with great success. Doing business with over 2 million merchants, Venmo is a very recognizable brand that is utilized both on a website and through Venmo’s app to implement card payments. 


  • Glass technicians can use a QR code on their phone to prompt payment from customers
  • Tipping is an option for your customers
  • No setup or monthly fees


  • Merchants with business profiles are charged 1.9% with a $.10 fee per transaction
  • No POS system, only through mobile devices and websites
  • Using a QR code with a Venmo business profile can come with an additional one-time fee of $15 (sometimes free depending on current specials).

How Do I Invoice My Glass Customers?

Nowadays, invoicing doesn’t belong on a sheet of transfer paper, easily lost and prone to error. There is a multitude of apps and programs with the capability to invoice your customers, even through a handheld device that caters to your glass technicians on the job. 

We’ll walk you through the benefits of using a program that controls your invoices electronically and we’ll also discuss the pros and cons of each program. You can choose one to better suit the needs for your glass business and improve your invoice payment processing.


Stripe is a go-to for small businesses and could be a great way to receive timely payments from your glass customers and invoice customers online. Stripe emphasizes that 70% of their invoices are paid within 24 hours. They cater to invoice creation, with the added ability to apply discounts and tax rates. 


  • Invoicing is easy and customizable
  • Automation through email and reporting keeps your glass business organized
  • Customer portals help with business and consumer integration
  • Options for automatic collection with the Stripe Plus package


  • Each invoice will have a fee of .4% or .5%, depending on the package
  • The first payout can take up to 14 days
  • Stripe charges 2.9% with a $.30 fee per transaction 


QuickBooks is an upcoming competitor catered towards small businesses for invoicing and accepting payments. QuickBooks has been praised for accepting credit and debit card payments, implementing recurring invoices, and receiving instant online payment.


  • Automatic categorization of expense deductions for your glass business 
  • Options to also pay your employees and contractors automatically
  • Tracks taxes
  • Can connect your bank account directly 


  • Can get costly for extra options and features, ranging from $15/month to $100/month
  • Card payments and bank transfers come with additional fees, ranging from 1% to 3.4% 
  • Payments can take longer than 24 hours to receive 

Improve Invoice Payment Processing for Your Glass Business

IBS Software provides revolutionary Point-of-Sale software called Elmo Anywhere that caters to your glass business, focusing on ease of use, customer support, and intuitive solutions. IBS Software knows your glass business and its inner workings because they have been glass distributors and retailers themselves for the past 75 years! 


  • Simplification without compromise – IBS integrates everything from billing to ordering parts to creating glass quotes for your glass business.
  • Ording inventory is organized with partners such as Glasscheck.
  • Receive NAGS Catalog access for instant glass quotes.
  • 19 included features included with your purchase such as VIN decoding, AGRSS support, and order management.

Are you wondering how to implement payment technology and want to improve your invoice payment processing? IBS Software knows your glass business, from flat glass to auto glass and more. Speak with a professional regarding payment technology for your glass business here.