Special Offer for Kryger Glass Customers

Kryger Glass has partnered with the creators of Elmo Anywhere to bring you
special discounts on your Auto Glass Software.

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Following Discounts

Monthly Discount

Order from Kryger Glass and we will wave up to $500 on your initial setup fee and you will receive a 2% purchase credit to be applied directly to your IBS Software bill each month. With each purchase with Kryger Glass, you save on Elmo Anywhere.

For example, if you purchase $3,000 per month from Kryger Glass, you will receive a $60 credit against your monthly service fees from IBS Software.

Connect Supplier Invoices & Pricing to Elmo Anywhere

Using GlassCheck, you can check pricing and place orders within Elmo Anywhere so your supplier invoice is directly linked to your Elmo Anywhere order.

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